Classical Communications is one of the very few music companies which is expanding – and one of only a handful of UK companies which continues to record new programmes. We record either here in Oxfordshire or abroad.
Every season sees new titles added to The Gift of Music range – recorded mostly in Oxford’s fine churches and chapels, but also recorded in Europe – Bruges, Florence – and in the USA. We can even record in difficult or unpromising locations, including within a museum gallery, a private drawing room, chapel, library, or even on a staircase! Patience, tact and unobtrusiveness get results where other companies struggle.
If we don’t already have a recording of what you want – ask us to make one for you. And you will have a completely unique, new product – a beautifully designed CD with its own special sound, not available to anybody else.
Our Obsidian Records label was founded some ten ago it has clearly defined  itself as a label with world-class performances and unique programming,  attracting not only music lovers but also critical acclaim.So far, Obsidian has devoted its releases to music from the Renaissance, focusing primarily on vocal repertoire both large and small.

The Gift of Music
Spring 2016
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